About Us

GRS focuses on a vision of “tomorrows solutions today,” fusing software and equipment that blend together to offer state of the art targeted solutions. This unique vision allows us to give your company the best of both worlds. The equipment we manufacture with our software allows you to effectively manage your business while maximizing profitability. The lineup includes POS scales, label printing scales, point of sale software, terminals, label printers, wrappers and more. 

GRS was formed in 2015 in order to help bring new innovations to the retail grocery industry.  The company is the result of a merger between GRS (a hardware company specializing in innovative scale and printer designs for the retail industry) and GWAREPOS (one of the largest software companies providing scale communication in the US).  The merger made sense because GWAREPOS had written highly specialized communication software that could dominate the multi-billion dollar grocery industry and GRS had developed the key products needed for this market. The combination of our hardware and proprietary software will allow our scales and other devices to take the industry to a new level of efficiency and communication.