Grocery Marketing Solution

The days of just having a flyer in the Sunday paper are long gone. In 2016, fewer people are physically picking up the newspaper to look for grocery specials. The majority of people, especially the younger generations, are now online prior to heading over to their local grocery store looking for deals and coupons. These days, having a robust online stream of communication with your shoppers is extremely vital for your grocery store marketing and branding. For some grocery store managers and decision makers having a web-based strategy to grow their clientele might seem far-fetched but the reality is that your audience is already looking for it.

Are you there for them to find you? Are you allowing them to engage with your brand...outside the store?

GRS offers a solution to help with your grocery marketing opportunities. Below are just a few ways that GRS can help market your grocery store to the people who are looking for you...but don't know they are looking for you.

Website Review / Local Search Engine Optimization

GRS will review and make minor adjustments to your website. Our goal will be to add coupons and the current weeks’ specials to a designated area within the website.

GRS will also do an SEO review and work to optimize your website for local search. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component in gaining visibility online on a local level. SEO comes down to being 100% efficient with your website and your voice in order to be visible in the pages of search when people are conducting local search queries. Search engine optimization will build power and influence to your website over time giving your website a great deal of SEO power and ranking abilities. There are many different areas where your grocery store can and should be listed online to gain local SEO power online. Launching PR is also an important part of SEO that will help you gain strength in your community.

Digital Coupons

GRS will work with you to digitize your coupons so that they can be redeemed by your customers within the store. People often base their grocery shopping decisions on where they can get the best price on what they need. For years, grocery stores have lured shoppers in via the weekly circulars inserted into Sunday papers. But as the digital world continues to grow, grocery stores need to keep up with the changing times. More and more shoppers are using their phones during their shopping experience to keep track of their grocery list, look up ingredients for recipes, and use digital coupons. In fact, 75.3 percent of shoppers have redeemed a coupon from their phone in 2015.

Grocery stores can take advantage of this new trend by sending coupons straight to shoppers’ inboxes via email. Begin developing an email list by having people sign up in-store, on your website, and via social media. Then develop a weekly email newsletter that includes barcode coupons that can be scanned from the shopper’s mobile device. This process will encourage shoppers to visit your store because it’s a more convenient way to save than having to clip coupons and remembering to bring them with you to the store.

GRS will also work to create QR code posters that allow your customers to scan and pull up your coupons directly on their phone while within your store.

You can get extra creative with your newsletter by providing coupons that follow a specific theme such as holidays (for July 4th, include coupons for hot dogs, soda, etc.) and seasonal recipes (for winter, include coupons for hot chocolate, fire logs, etc.).

Social Media (Specifically Facebook)

When compared to websites, 75 percent of people believe that liking a brand on Facebook helps them feel more connected to the brand. The social aspect of social media helps to create relationships between businesses and consumers that are vital for continued success. In addition to creating relationships, Facebook is also a great way to promote sales, upcoming events, and store news.

Grocery stores can do particularly well on Facebook due to their inherent fun nature. Everybody likes food and you can get really creative with the type of content you share. For instance, you can create fun pictures made out of food, highlight the many national food holidays (National Hot Dog Day, National Chocolate Day, etc.), and you can share recipes that include ingredients that are found in-store.

Monthly Email Newsletter

A monthly email newsletter is much cheaper than the Sunday flier and it is extremely quick as long as you give your audience the ability to sign up for it, which is where the website comes into play. Let your local audience signup for the newsletter and you will be able to reach out to them whenever you like for a fraction of the cost of offline communication.

Let Your Customers Check-In

“check-ins” are a new popular method to pulling in new foot traffic to your business. Foursquare is a leader in geo-targeting check in efforts for brick & mortar businesses looking to pull in new customers but Facebook is also extremely popular for checking in.

Additional Marketing Opportunities / For an Additional Fee

  • Website Redesign
    • GRS will work with you to redesign your website and modernize your site to help you pull in more customers.
  • Video
    • GRS will help you produce a professional video to highlight your specialty. This is another opportunity to promote your brand to a wider audience.
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
    • Inbound marketing is the most effective marketing method for doing business online. Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.
  • Paid Social
    • Paid social is utilizing tools like Facebook and Twitter to more accurately target your customers and promote coupons and content to them to drive them into your store.
  • Paid Search / PPC
    • PPC is utilizing tools like Google Adwords to drive more customers to download your coupons and ultimately drive more business into your store.