Gware Software


GRS utilizes GwarePOS as the software solution that powers our unique technology. The Gware software is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of independent grocery and retailer stores. Retail management software from GwarePOS is easy to setup, learn, and maintain. Whether you have a single store or need a centralized control for multiple locations, GwarePOS can help you implement an affordable solution that is flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Grocery POS Software

Gware provides grocery stores with a POS (Point of Sale) solution that's affordable, easy to use and dependable. Our Point of Sale Software and Scale Management Software will help you better manage your inventory, customers, employees, and money.

Grind batch track

Grind Production Log Tracking is required for in-store meat operations by the USDA. Gware Grind Batch Track provides an easy and effective path for compliance.


Gware Retail Software is affordable, dependable, and easy to use. It will help you manage inventory, customers’ employees, and money. Our Retail Management Software will give you more control of your counter sales, back office procedures, stockroom management, and accounting.

scale communications

Our Scale Management Software is a powerful, easy to use module that can be fully integrated with our POS Software or used as a standalone package. Features include price management, warehouse file import, ingredient costing, suggested retail pricing, nutritional data support and multi label support.

Multi-store management

Gware Multi-Store Management simplifies running multi-store operations. This cloud based web office module collects and consolidates sales information across all store locations as well as managing your prices, ads, promotions, employees, customers, and even fresh food department scales.

file management

Our File Management Utility gives you powerful tools to manage your item and vendor files. We have designed File Manager so you can easily manage Vendor Price Updates, New Items, TPR’s, and Future Pricing.

Now serving management

Gware has taken that little red piece of paper with the now serving number into the new millennium. Using a big LCD (ex: 42”) monitor we display the now serving number in the upper left hand corner which leaves about 80% of the rest of space for in-store advertising. Now Serving helps with customer flow and makes it is easy to setup and maintain daily / weekly in-store promotions.