GWare for Windows/ Pathway For Android

Gware Store Management

Gware Store Management Software is loaded with features. The back office administrator is the heart of the system, allowing you to effectively manage all of your business processes. We cover your labeling needs with our custom label designer (shelf tags, barcode price tags, shelf signs, ingredient labels and more). Manage all of the data and communicate directly to your scale departments. Point of sale is designed for speed, accuracy with our easy to setup and use touch screen flip chart design. Add items to the flip chart with just the click of your mouse. Process credit cards through our secure EMV terminals and gateway.

Back office Administrator Allows you to manage complex inventory with easy-to-use product types like: standard, serialized, kit, matrix, non-inventory, weighted, rental, embedded bar code and unit of measure (single, case, pallet 12 pack, six pack). Easily set up discounts, promotions, and sales to increase customer satisfaction. Daily sales reports by register, shift and store are done quickly and accurately. Identify: sales trends in every department or by category, employee vendor and customer then sort by SKU, Qty sold, Cost, Margin, Profit, Profit % in ascending or descending order. Export report information directly into Office Excel, XML, Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, or your email application.

Gware: For all your label printing needs

Build your labels with our built in design software. Then print your labels from the gware label printing touch screen. Build your production batch. Give the Kitchen, Bakery, or packaging department the production list. When the production is ready for labeling simply release the     batch for printing. Gware will add the batch counts to  inventory helping you track production against sale to help control shrink.